Fearing Mistakes

Fearing Mistakes

Fearing Mistakes

You can’t fully engage in your daily tasks if you’re afraid of making mistakes. School children should be taught fearlessness over this issue.


Mistakes allow us to go in  so many different directions we might never have otherwise taken.

Ellen Langer talks about this in her book ‘A Life of Mindful Creativity’. Her definition and approach to mindfulness is ‘simply the process of noticing new things’.

Her mindfulness work comes from a Western, scientific perspective. She thinks an altered state is unnecessary to reach the perspective.

Meditation might be helpful but she thinks it unnecessary and instead recommends learning to switch modes of thinking about ourselves and the world by seeing the similarities in things thought different and the differences in things taken to be similar.

How to get started seeing things differently, mindfully?

Small steps. Consider just one aspect of your life and apply the new rules:

Look for similarities in things you thought were different and the differences in those things you thought were similar.


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