Do You Make Things Harder Than They Need to Be?

Harder Than Need Be?

Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Do You Make Things Harder Than They Need to Be?

Clients come to me for many different reasons. Often, life has become difficult yet they can’t define exactly what may be bothering them.

You can waste a lot of time thinking the challenges you’re
experiencing are who you are. This frame, or perception, is incorrect; you are not the stress or the anxiety.

You are not the hurt feelings, lack of focus or looping thoughts. By thinking you are made of these things, you make life hard for yourself.

Of course it’s hard to move through difficult times if you believe you’re
the issue. Your response to life may be the issue, but think about it, you aren’t ‘it’.

Once you let go of this perception, you are in control. Learning to relax and use self-hypnosis is helpful toward including this control in your daily life.

Remember, you are not ‘it’. ‘It’ is passing through you.

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