Appreciating Uncertainty

Appreciating Uncertainty

Appreciating Uncertainty


When you come to my office for help with your feelings of
uncertainty, we’re going to have a good time defining what you mean by uncertainty.


You’d ask yourself:

  1. Is uncertainty a feeling of anxiety in the background of your life?
  2. Is uncertainty a result of not following the norm, not following the rules according to the way things have been until now?
  3. Is uncertainty a sense of needing to make a change because the status quo no longer feels right to you?

Appreciating uncertainty opens up the power of curiosity. It gives you the opportunity to learn to ask yourself (and others) better questions.

We can change our thinking of trying to eliminate uncertainty to embracing the feeling of out-of–control.

Instead of needing to control things to make them ‘certain’, we can learn to wonder and probe at our personal limits.

Self-hypnosis is helpful for broadening your perspective toward accepting uncertainty.

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