8 Steps Toward Taking Action

Taking Action

8 Steps Toward Taking Action

By now you’ve had a chance to notice all the ideas that stream through your mind during the day. I hope you’ve written them down.

Never mind if they’re on scraps of paper, the important thing is to capture them.



Try this:

  1. Choose one idea from your collection.
  2. Write down why you want to execute this idea.
  3. Be brief. No need to go on and on.
  4. Get in touch with the feelings that are attached to it.
  5. Write down when you’ll execute the idea.
  6. Setting a deadline will frame it for you.
  7. Now consider how you’ll execute your idea.
  8. Write down several different ways to go about it.

Enjoy this process, tweak it for your own use and apply it to any idea you have.

Your personal development is enhanced by paying attention to your ideas and learning how to use them.

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