Best Path to Your Goal

Best Path

Best Path to Your Goal

Success leaves evidence and clues. Maybe you’ve heard this before. Find the best path to your goal

Happiness does too. When you recall a very happy experience where you were at your best (according to you), recall the tiny details around this success.

Ask yourself the following:


  1. Did the success involve any preparation?
  2. What did I do to prepare for the experience?
  3. What do I  see in my recollection? Colors, brightness, softness?
  4. Is there any sound involved?
  5. Am I  talking to myself and if so, what am I saying?
  6. Where in my body to I feel this recollection? My solar plexus, stomach, head?

By recalling the above details of your success you can access the ‘feelings’ and realize the sequence of sensations that can be duplicated and contribute to the success of any goal.

By using this pattern and your focused attention, you can realize success.

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