The Top Ten Benefits of Hypnosis

A guest post by Kelly Canull

Top Ten Reasons

Undergoing hypnosis is an incredibly healthy activity for adults. With the hustle and bustle of the workday world creeping into every facet of our lives, it’s sometimes hard to let go of unnecessary burdens and just…be. Hypnotic therapies allow you to slough off the worries and stresses of your life and focus on what really matters.

Hypnosis Benefit #1 | Memory Building

Many of us wish we had better memories. Whether you forget what you wanted when you walk into a room, you can’t remember a person’s name when you see them on the street, or you can’t recall you’re a certain date with your spouse, losing your memory is a major pain. With hypnosis, you can work to build your memory muscle so that forgetting happens less and less frequently.

Hypnosis Benefit #2 | Stopping Bad Habits

It can be incredibly difficult to quit smoking, drinking, or doing other things that are detrimental to the health of our bodies and interpersonal relationships. Hypnotic suggestion can help you toss those bad habits away for good.

Hypnosis Benefit #3 | Starting Good Habits

Just as hypnosis can excise bad habits from your life, it can also help instill good ones. Have you always wanted to exercise more, write more, get out more, or do anything more? Hypnosis can help you achieve the level of desire and drive that will push you towards creating those positive habits.

Hypnosis Benefit #4 | Feeling Healthier

Studies have shown that those who undergo hypnosis generally feel healthier than those who don’t. Mind, body, and spirit can feel the touch of hypnotic suggestion, allowing you more peace, happiness, and health.

Hypnosis Benefit #5 | Looking Younger?

Some hypnosis has been known to actually make people look younger. By suggesting that cells can be reprogrammed to fit your highest potential physical blueprint, it’s possible to look younger after being treated.

Hypnosis Benefit #6 | Focused Awareness

Hypnosis takes your mind, your roving brain, and focuses it to a pinpoint concentration. This is how a hypnotist is able to make suggestions that last; your brain is focused enough to make a suggestion a reality. This intense concentration has a left-over effect once you come out of hypnosis–you’ll be able to focus on things clearer and with more awareness.

Hypnosis Benefit #7 | Help for Asthma

Many of us live with asthma, the debilitating respiratory condition that limits our activity. Well, studies have shown that hypnotism can greatly reduce the severity of asthma attacks, and, in some cases, send the entire condition into a recessive state that never crops up again.

Hypnosis Benefit #8 | Overcoming Sexual Issues

If you or someone you know is dealing with psychological issues relating to sex, then hypnosis therapy may be the right road to take. It was found that those who went under hypnosis, in combination with cognitive therapy, saw much better results than those who were simply in cognitive therapy alone.

Hypnosis Benefit #9 | Stress Management

Under hypnosis, you can take suggestions that will help you better deal with stressful situations in your life. From disagreements at home to conflicts in the work place, some people simply don’t know how to deal–they shut down or, worse, lash out at those they love. Hypnotic suggestion may help you keep control of your senses and stay focused on your goals when stressors crop up in life.

Hypnosis Benefit #10 | Easing Chronic Illness

There may not be anything that’s worse than chronic pain. We learn to deal with it, ignore it, and plan our lives around it, but that limits our goals, dreams, and passions. Instead of succumbing to chronic illness, use hypnosis to ease the pain and, in certain cases, make it disappear forever. Take charge of your life and reclaim your passions from the clutches of pain.

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