Do you Have to Have Talent?

Do You Have to Have Talent?

Do you Have to Have Talent?

Clients come to me to improve their self-confidence and one related issue is that of feeling ‘talented’ or not.

You may find yourself stopping a project because it isn’t living up to a standard, a conventional view of ‘talent’.


I like to point out that having a standard of what ‘talented’ is and the enjoyment of creativity and creating are 2 different things.

For example, not having a knack for playing the guitar might be evident in your lack of good rhythm. Working with a metronome can help with this, but if you hear Pat Methaney in your head while being unable play a 3 chord blues progression, you will be discouraged.

However, if you love the sound of your guitar, just the simple sound of one string being strummed, resonating against your body and pleasing to your ear, you can enjoy everything about playing the guitar without ever becoming a master.

I see clients who keep themselves from enjoyment and creativity by holding the delusion that they should be just like the very accomplished person they keep in the back of their mind, and since they’re not, never play the instrument, write the story or paint the painting.

Using mindfulness will help you take a deeper look at your beliefs and desires.

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