You Can Control Your Impulses

Control Impulses

You Can Control Your Impulses

Clients come to me for help with controling their impulses. They don’t always feel it’s a huge problem, not full blown OCD, but a need to quell that distraction that occurs when they give in to the quick flash of a thought that takes them away from their focus.


You are usually in a trance of activity when this flash comes upon you and the best way to deal with these interruptions is to face them head on.

Let’s say you’re reading a book and you’ve decided you want to complete 30 pages during this sitting. There you are, entranced and suddenly whoosh …a flash of ‘must call the dentist’ enters your mind.

You can counteract these impulses by saying no, I’ll call the dentist  after I’ve completed the project. Actively considering the idea and saying no.

Next time the whoosh of impulse disrupts you, say ‘no’. Train yourself to confront the bad habit and say no.

Mindfulness practice and self-hypnosis can help you with the resolve to put this ‘no’ practice to good use.

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