Self Respect

How You Think About Yourself

Self Respect

Clients come to see me for lots of reasons, but the majority of their problems are a result of poor self-esteem.


It may take a few sessions for them to see this in themselves, but once they do, we’re on our way toward strengthening their inner resources.

You can build self-esteem by planning to live your life according to the values that you feel clear about.

When you live each day in a way that is meaningful to you, feeling self-respect is an inevitable result. I’m not talking about ego so much as clarity and action based on concrete, intentional activity.

When others are around you, they can feel your self-respect and also your healthy self-esteem. It benefits them to be enfolded in your healthy life.

Self-hypnosis and mindfulness are useful toward building the tools to live with self-respect.

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