Practice Not Having the End in Mind


Practice Not Having the End in Mind

Clients come to see me to improve self confidence and focus. Often they have a fixed idea of how they should feel when their confidence is solid and their focus has an end result in mind.


I’m don’t suggest that you ignore your urge to accomplish a goal or cultivate an attitude of waiting to see what will happen, more I suggest you get into a trance of deeply focusing on each step as if there were no end in sight.

Having an ‘in the moment’ attitude frees the fixed idea so that your inner resources will become evident and you may find yourself going beyond your goal and feeling differently about self-confidence. You might not have imagined how confidence truly feels for you.

Flexibility is the key to feeling your inner resources. Feeling truly confident and focused usually involves an understanding of how unpredictable life is and having the skills to ride the waves of opportunity and false starts.

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