Expect Mistakes and Feel the Freedom

Expect Mistakes

Expect Mistakes and Feel the Freedom

We are taught at an early age during school to have no mistakes in our work. Is it true that the students with the A+ have made no mistakes?

If you fully consider the implications of this, you have to include the subjectiveness of the teacher and also of the educational expectations and rules she may be bound to. Ugh. Rules. The ‘make no mistake’ rule can stay with you into adult life and make you feel inadequate. Instead, see the freedom in ‘making mistakes’.

Clients come to me with issues of feeling not good enough for whatever task they want to accomplish or new job they want to secure or to work on their relationships.

I always ask, not good enough according to whom? Surely you can’t feel this way without some external influence. And often, as they think about this they uncover the trance of being taught that mistakes were unacceptable. If things are correct, then they’re wrong. Mistakes.

You can learn to use ‘mistakes’. You can write a sentence, forget your prior train of thought and continue with something completely different that may satisfy even more effectively your urge to express yourself.

The ‘mistake’ was positive and useful and illustrated freedom.

You can speak attentively and while pausing go off on a tangent,without meaning to, ( a mistake?) that expresses a different aspect of your thoughts. The ‘mistake’ was positive and useful and illustrated freedom.

In all walks of life, you can be moving in a certain direction thinking you know exactly what you’re doing. Suddenly, you make a mistake and it allows you freedom to go in another direction, sometimes better and other times just ‘other’. Expect mistakes and enjoy the freedom.

Self-Hypnosis can help you realize the value of a mistake.

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