What Keeps You From Trying?

What Keeps You From Trying?

What Keeps You From Trying?

I see clients who are very motivated to accomplish their life transition or their self-improvement but they are stuck.

They explain that they can’t move forward even though they want to make a change.


What keeps you from trying? You probably haven’t considered the small steps that lead you to knowing more and more about what you want.

You may be like lots of people who imagine they should know how to complete a task or make a change even though they have no first-hand experience.

When you think you ought to know more than you do, then inertia grabs hold and you are stuck.

Loosen up your model of the thing and break it down so that you can take easy steps. You really can only take one step at a time.

Go ahead, no one’s watching.

Try self-hypnosis for help.

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