Seeing Yourself in Others

See Yourself in Others

Seeing Yourself in Others

Clients come to me with lots of different issues. One issue is how they feel about themselves in relation to other people.


You might think that if you see your friend behaving in a positive way toward you over some accomplishment or even just showing positive emotions, that the result would be you feeling good about yourself.

A certain  study showed that we look for behavior from our friends that confirms how we currently feel about ourselves.

You would ignore the positive feelings from the friend if you were not feeling good about yourself. Interesting to consider this study.

Certainly we can see or feel how another feels about us, but ideally we are not looking for approval or disapproval.

We may be enjoying a feeling of love, but we want to be able to thrive without seeing ourselves through others.

I encourage you to think for yourself and provide positive energy from your own core values and mindful practice.

Using hypnosis is helpful to support this and self-hypnosis helps too.

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