Don’t Hold Back

Don't Hold Back

Don’t Hold Back

Clients come to me with the idea of getting help toward change.

In the words of my teacher, John Overdurf, ‘all we are is change’ changing. We are in constant motion on a molecular level just as we are in everyday living.

Think about how you can’t change yesterday. But today is different, isn’t it? No matter how it may seem like yesterday, it’s different in a subtle way.

I often discover that clients are holding themselves back from their changes because of preconceived ideas.

They may be using filters that no longer work for them. They’re looking through a lens that doesn’t give them enough information. It might have been enough 10 years ago, but now they need to open things up, find a new, wider lens and feel the freedom of taking action.

Once the client sees how they’re holding themselves tightly in one place and they let go, there’s no stopping their progress.

Stop holding back. No one is watching, really.

Self-hypnosis is great for this.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! We are up in the northwoods of Wisconsin on a fishing, boating, relaxing trip with our 5 and 7 yr old boys. After a huge day yesterday, this morning my 5 yr old woke up and immediately upon opening his eyes, excitedly asked “What now??” It struck me as a great way to wake up and take on our day–asking ourselves what grand adventure is around every corner.

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