Learn from Finding Small Solutions

Small Things

Small Solutions

Learn from Finding Small Solutions

I tell my clients they can learn from finding small solutions. By paying attention to the seemingly insignificant things you do, you can teach yourself to change an unwanted behavior or even stop doing it, saying it or behaving in a way you don’t like.


You can take the simple example of forgetting where you’ve left your house keys. It’s a small thing, but by considering the steps you take to find them, you’ll be aware that placing them mindfully is to your advantage.

Think of the time and frustration you’ll save. Selecting a place for keys is so obvious. But you’d be surprised how many people never think to do so.

When you fully consider a small thing, the large problems in your life will be much easier to solve. You’ll have had practice, and really, you won’t forget where you’ve left your keys.

You can be in a trance as you walk in the house, but you’ll still place your keys where they belong.

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