Keeping Your Mind Healthy


Keeping Your Mind Healthy

You know, instinctively, when you’ve been treating yourself correctly. Keeping your mind healthy means avoiding boredom and recognizing when you’ve identified something new to engage the mind.

The unconscious mind loves to be fed new ideas, problems to solve and beliefs to be upheld. When you’re in the process of learning something, you’re encouraging a healthy mind.

You can tell if you need to include more uplifting ideas, people and activities by noticing how you react and respond in various situations. If you find yourself over-reacting you may want to think about getting rid of some old ways of looking at the issue.

I can usually spot bigger issues when clients become very emotional over something that they would normally brush off. Clearing up the underlying issue will eliminate the potential for using it(unconsciously referring to it) over and over again in inappropriate circumstances.

Mindfulness and self-hypnosis are helpful.

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