Imagine Changes Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Is Your Self-Image Distorted?

Is Your Self-Image Distorted?

I ask clients: Is your self-image distorted? when they complain of being bored or uncreative. It’s always interesting to listen to their answers, every one is unique.


A distorted self-image can come from staying too long at a job that has defined you in a limiting way. You can begin to identify yourself as only a nurse, office worker, coal digger.

With some work, you can continue with your job and feel really good about yourself. You must lift yourself out of the trance and remember those things within the job you enjoy and are effective.

Writing down these things is helpful enabling  you to see and refer back to them and elaborate.

When you get some practice seeing yourself as more than your job, the distorted self-image will start to subside.

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