Write it Down

Write it Down

It can be helpful to write things down:

  • When you can read what has been on your mind, you can look at a thought or idea from the perspective of ‘that was then’ and ‘now’, here you are considering those thoughts.
  • It immediately gives you the opportunity of reframing from a ‘time’ point of view.
  • If you like what you’ve written, then it’s a good excuse to enjoy the reflection and let yourself glow for a minute.
  • You can create momentum by writing down your ideas about how to stay motivated.
  • When you review your ideas, you may decide to read them several times a day to keep you on task.
  • Get into a trance state by using self-hypnosis. By recording your thoughts, or writing them down, you may be thrilled by feeling your creative side revealed to you in this way.

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