Stop Smoking: 10 Steps

Stop Smoking: 10 Steps

Try these 10 steps to prepare yourself for no longer smoking:

  1. Keep your paraphernalia, all things related to smoking, in a new place.
  2. Choose a different area in which to smoke.
  3. Brush your teeth after each time you smoke. Every time.
  4. Clean your car. Have it detailed so that there is no smell.
  5. Do not smoke in your car.
  6. Take all coats, sweaters, suits etc. to the dry cleaner.
  7. If you haven’t stopped smoking by the time you need to pick them up, keep the plastic covering on everything.
  8. At the end of the day, count and write down the # of times you lit up.
  9. Use deep breathing exercises before smoking. This prepares you
    to use them when you’ve stopped.
  10. Be nice to yourself. This encourages others to be nice to you too.

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