Stop Smoking: 10 Problems

Stop Smoking: 10 Problems You can Solve

You can prepare to stop smoking by paying attention to these 10 problems:

  1. Notice where you place the cigarette in your mouth.
  2. Most long-time smokers put it in the exact same place every time. Change it up.
  3. Notice how the paraphernalia of smoking is part of your habit.
  4. Change the way you handle the pack, the match or lighter.
  5. Put the cigarette in the opposite hand you normally use.
  6. Notice when you want to light-up.
  7. Resist for a few minutes, so that your brain gets the message that
    you’re paying attention.
  8. When you resist just a little, you begin to build a new neural pathway in your brain.
  9. This is a ‘no smoking’ pathway on which you’re starting construction.
  10. Use your nose. Do you have an odor of smoke surrounding you?

Jot down other things you notice, as you prepare yourself for stopping .

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