Step One: Changing Behavior

Step One: Changing Behavior: Re-label

You can benefit from learning self-hypnosis to implement this step. You’ll learn to focus on your objective of getting well.

Step 1: Re-Label: Start referring to and naming your behavior for what it is: Obsessive or Compulsive. Try saying ‘this is my OCD’, ‘I’m feeling my obsessive behavior’. (Remember you aren’t your behavior).

By re-labeling, you’ll be on the path toward changing your responses to your urges. Dr. Schwartz says the key to success is to develop a strong ability to stand outside yourself and observe with awareness. See yourself turning the front door key 5 times or washing your hands more frequently than you need to. Then, as you observe, say to yourself:’ this is my OCD’.

It all takes practice. Maintaining a desire to practice is helped by using self-hypnosis and trance.

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