Smoking: 5 Excuses

Smoking: 5 Excuses
Excuse number 1: Smoking Burns Calories

Clients come to me for hypnotherapy to stop smoking and sometimes they will tell me that they are certain they’ll get fat if they stop the habit.

I tell them that it’s true, smoking does help them burn calories, the nicotine increases their metabolism, slightly, and when they stop smoking, they will need to use exercise to teach their bodies how to keep their metabolism burning calories.

So, it’s an understandable excuse.

But consider this: You’re choosing blackening your lungs, burning the cilia, charring  your sinuses as a viable weight control method.

With a little planning and some thoughtful consideration, learning new habits while quitting smoking is the healthy choice.

No excuses. With hypnosis you can eliminate the desire to replace smoking with food. No substitutes. Just not smoking.

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