Smoking: 5 Excuses

Smoking: 5 Excuses
Excuse number 5: Smoking Feels Like a Friend

I am sympathetic to those who feel their bad habits are like a friend. While feeling empathy for these folks, I can say that it’s understandable how smoking can feel this way; you have control over the process, the give and take, the paraphernalia, the smokescreen…

But wait!

It’s the same as being a child with an invisible friend. Children benefit from this fantasy by developing positive intentions, utilizing their creativity and by sometimes filling a hole of loneliness.

But children don’t smoke (hopefully).

When smokers tell me they feel lonely, I use hypnotherapy to help them realize the depth of their inner resources (and there is always so much more there than you can imagine) as well as helping them stop using the habit.

You just can’t justify this excuse without wondering if there isn’t more to life.

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  1. A very interesting concept, since smokers these days persist despite the social isolation. It’s no wonder smokers claim to be lonely. I mean, what other legal behavior relegates someone to removing themselves from the presence of other people in order to engage their habit?

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