Smoking: 5 Excuses

Smoking: 5 Excuses
Excuse number 3: Smoking Feels Good

When you are a smoker, there is no doubt that smoking feels good. It’s also an individual thing. Each one of you thinks smoking feels good for a different reason.

Some people love the feel of the cigarette or pipe in their hand.
Others love the ritual of using their paraphernalia.

Check out old cigarette advertising campaigns and you’ll note the message is all about feeling good: ‘The pause that refreshes’…

Some people love the feeling of the smoking habit because  it gives them an excuse to pause, to reflect, to ‘hold that thought a moment while I light up’.

You know what feels better? Not sucking in the tar, nicotine and other chemicals present in most cigarettes. You wouldn’t put those ingredients in your mouth voluntarily, but when it’s packaged in this appealing delivery method, you ignore the truth.

Feeling good is an excuse.

Smoking is bad for you. Once you use hypnosis to stop smoking, you’ll start to remember other ways from your past ,when you knew how to make yourself feel good, and if you don’t remember, you’ll have time to create new ways to feel good.

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