Smoking: 5 Excuses

Smoking: 5 Excuses
Excuse number 2: Smoking Curbs Hunger

Until you use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, you will continue to use the 5 excuses to justify the habit. The idea that smoking curbs hunger is partly true. You can smoke a cigarette, light that pipe etc…instead of having a piece of fruit and quell the feeling of hunger.

But think about it. Filling your lungs with tar, making your heart race by taking that puff while you could take just a bite of something to eat is counter-intuitive. I’m not saying you’re wrong to smoke, but the very idea that smoking this stinky, burning, thing would be a choice, an option when you feel hungry doesn’t make sense.

It’s an excuse and it’s just a bad decision.

Once you use hypnosis to eliminate the urge to smoke and to encourage yourself to choose nutritious food to eat when you’re hungry, you’ll agree with me.

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