Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon:Self-Hypnosis: Feeling Kindness

How Does it Feel?

Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon:Self-Hypnosis: Feeling Kindness

How does kindness feel? Ask anyone these days…most people have experienced a change in their lives that came from an outside source, even a global source.

Feeling kindness toward yourself and others comes easier if you have a mindfulness practice or a practice of self-hypnosis.

  1. Breathe in to the count of 6, hold for 6 and exhale to the internal count of 12. The exhale is always twice as long as the inhale. Try it and see what hold count you like.
  2. Next, define kindness for yourself. Feeling kindness.
  3. Make the simple suggestion aloud so that you form a complete thought.
  4. You will now see many different representations of kindness flash before your mind’s eye.
  5. Continue to relax.
  6. Give yourself a count of 5 to come back to a waking alertness.

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