Hypnosis Portland, Oregon:Self-Hypnosis: Be Kind to Yourself First

Be Kind to Yourself

Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Self-Hypnosis: Be Kind to Yourself First

Learning self-hypnosis is essential as you learn about self-improvement and being kind to yourself.

Essential to the process:




  1. Relaxation
  2. Suggestion
  3. New information
  4. Reinforcement
  5. Repeat

Once learned, it can be used in many areas of your life. I think it enhances the good habit of being kind to yourself first.

We often think of others before we think of ourselves…There is certainly something heroic about this, but best if we learn kindness toward ourselves so that we are comfortable with it before focusing on another.

Repetition and reinforcement of the suggestions you’re using are essential since it’s human nature to change our minds. The unconscious mind needs to know you’re serious about your changes.

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