Parts: Sometimes Your Parts Will Disagree

Parts: Sometimes Your Parts Will Disagree

You will recognize this aspect of the ‘parts’ within you. Different parts can have various intentions and purposes. While one part of you may understand something, another part may not. This is also true of beliefs; one part of you may believe something is important while another part may not. You can understand how you could feel the pull of different parts that have different intentions. And then the pull between the parts can become a conflict that needs resolving.


  • You value your health and this value is connected to a certain group of capabilities such as exercise, diet, managing stress, etc,
  • You value your work, which is beginning to cause stress from long hours, time away from your family, no time for exercise or eating correctly.
  • Work has its own sub-set of equally important values, such as earning money, community, accomplishment, ego gratification.
  • Your health begins to suffer.
  • You begin to feel uncomfortable and anxious at work.
  • Bringing the parts into balance is the cure.

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