Parts Continued

Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon: Parts Continued

I ended the last post with the statement about ‘parts’ where we might make a decision from a child-like state and then feel conflict as our adult selves judge and criticize the decision.

  • You may think of yourself as essentially realistic but also having parts that can be creative or critical.
  • You may talk about yourself as feeling essentially confident and powerful but also having parts that make you feel doubtful or vulnerable.  
  • You may see yourself enjoying a few days off from work, but have an inner voice which nags at you that this is not a good idea.
  • From the NLP point of view, your conflict arises in ‘seeing’ the break from work and ‘hearing’ your inner voice nagging at you.
  • It is natural for us to drift from one state of awareness to another…but when there is incongruence, we feel uncomfortable.
  • Would it be better if we could see the break from work and also see the value of being away from work?
  • Weighing the two points of view can be helpful.

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