Listening: Why?

Listening: Why?
Why You Might Want to Be a Good Listener

You might want to be a good listener so that your life is enriched by others. If you don’t have good listening skills you will miss a number of valuable things:

  1. How others express themselves can be an enjoyable discovery.
  2. Are they emphatic, dramatic, melodramatic, funny, serious, dour, bored, depressed etc…?
  3. Are they clear, concise and to the point?
  4. Do they motivate you in any way?
  5. Do you feel motivated to speak as they do?
  6. Do you come away thinking in a different way?
  7. Are they inspiring, annoying, imploring you to do something you do/don’t want to do?
  8. Modeling others speech patterns can improve your ability to communicate.
  9. You can improve your vocabulary with better listening.

    Are there other things you might miss when  you don’t listen?

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