Listening: Are You Good at it?

Listening: Are You Good at it?
Ask Yourself Good Questions

Listening is an art in many ways. We can always tell when someone is listening to us. We notice their eyes, their posture and the way they may comment while we talk with their appropriately inserted ‘hmm’, ‘yeah’ and ‘no’.

But what about your ability to listen? Here are some questions to ask yourself to discover if you are a good listener, or the kind of listener you want to be:

  1. Am I able to give the speaker my full attention?
  2. How do I show this?
  3. Am I true to myself if I’m not interested but listen anyway?
  4. How do I not reveal my disinterest, or is hiding it dishonest?
  5. Do I stop the chatter in my mind while I listen?
  6. Can I stop the chatter while listening?
  7. Will improving my focus help my listening skills?
  8. Remember that this person may be the most important person in your life.

                       Pay attention to how well you listen…enjoy!

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