Learn to Revalue Your Behavior

Learn to Revalue Your Behavior

Step 4: Revalue. It’s the final of the 4 steps. When you learn to control your ability to revalue and devalue unwanted behavior, you’re strengthening you ability to stand outside yourself. This creates more power and self-esteem.

Decisions about what’s important to you and what’s not can become second nature as you work on this step.

What’s important to you, right now? What’s important when you feel an overwhelming urge?

Self-hypnosis can help you build a list of things you value in life. Using relaxation techniques to begin your day can help you achieve success.

In summary:

Re-label, Re-attribute, Refocus and Revalue

While you are washing your hands for the 4th time, you say to yourself: ‘it’s my OCD” (re-label). Next you remind yourself that ‘it’s not me, it’s my brain’(reattribute). And you start shifting your behavior by washing only the 4 times and not the usual 6 times. You begin to think about breakfast and therefore take your
mind off the behavior (refocus). You then stand back, figuratively, and watch your progress ( revalue).

Small steps are often the best.

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