Learn to Refocus

Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon: Learn to Refocus

Learning to focus is helped by using self-hypnosis or mindful meditation. Being able to change your focus is valuable and can be a benefit of these techniques, but what if you can’t stop focusing on behavior that is part of your OCD?

Step 3: Refocusing…learning to take the focus off of your usual behavior. You will need to take specific steps to strengthen your mind and switch to a different behavior.

One helpful step is to use a kitchen timer when symptoms are strong…trying to change the brain toward a response of your choice rather than your obsession. Time your resistance.

You can increase your resolve to refocus by using self-hypnosis. By developing your self-hypnosis practice so that it’s part of your daily routine, you can realize greater control of your behavior.

Step 1: Re-label
Step 2: Re-attribute
Step 3: Refocus

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