Habits: How to Make Them and How to Break Them

Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon: Habits: How to Make Them and How to Break Them

Try this:

  • Decide exactly what habit you want to create or break.
  • Write down the specifics, every little thing you can think of about it.
  • Notice how it makes you feel and where in your body you feel it…your stomach, head?
  • Now relax and think of when you were younger and all the habits you created then.
  • Reflect on the habits you still have from your childhood. Consider the effort you put into learning to walk.
  • Feel good about yourself because you really do have the strength and resolve (evidence) to create a new habit.
  • Say to yourself ‘ if I could learn to tie my shoes, I can certainly learn to ( fill in the blank with your habit to learn, or your habit to break).
  • If you slow down and notice the details of your behavior, both mental and physical, you will understand how to move forward and succeed.

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