Daydreaming: A Five Part Series

Daydreaming: A Five Part Series
Part 1: Daydreaming or Trance

Do you take the time to allow yourself to daydream? It really is the same as a hypnotic trance. I’ll risk repeating myself and remind you that my job, when a client comes to see me, is most often helping them wake up from their daydream or trance (easier getting them into trance) so that they can be fully aware and participate with the hypnotic processes I offer.

Even now, as I write I’m feeling like my own trance-state is informing yet distracting me. An ebb and flow. I love the whole idea of daydreaming as well as the feeling of it. (Maybe this is mental flying).

I try to give myself time everyday to be in a quiet place and let my mind
drift into a daydream. I don’t have an agenda. Along with the self-induced
trance state, I benefit from the relaxation and creativity that occurs.

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  1. I agree hypnosis and daydreaming occur at a similar physiological state, but I stop shy of equating the two. Daydreaming consists of random thoughts emerging from the subconscious, and that distract conscious attention. Hypnosis results from purposely relaxing so as to gain access to the subconscious mind for a particular purpose.

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