Daydreaming A Five Part Series

Daydreaming: A Five Part Series
Part 4 : How to Daydream

It may seem odd to write about ‘how’ to daydream, but I remember being taught some time ago how to create through daydream. Let me pass this trance-state advice along to you.

  • Grab a small digital recorder.
  • Find a quiet place to recline. Best to recline so that you can be in that daydream space between being awake and asleep.
  • Choose a subject on which to focus.
  • You’re going to be speaking and recording, in a free-association way, about this subject.
  • Turn on the recorder once you’re comfortable and start talking about the subject of your focus. For me, it was about the kind of physical space I wanted to work in. An office for clients to visit.
  • State the purpose of your session.
  • Now, describe in minute detail everything you can think of about your subject. Use all your senses…how does it look, sound, feel, smell?
  • There is no time limit to this, and you can go back and change it.

                                         Enjoy guided daydreaming!

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