Best Ways to Be Motivated

 Best Ways to Be Motivated

There are many ways to describe how you can motivate yourself. An important first step toward discovering your best way to be motivated, also known as your strategy, is to pay attention to how you are influenced by your senses.

You can learn more about yourself by watching a TV ad that makes you want to own the product being advertised. Even better would be to analyze an ad that made you buy the product.

Define exactly what it is about this ad that inspires you to want the product.

Pay attention to the details:

  • What colors are used?
  • Is the ad bright or are there shadows and light?
  • Is there music and if so, is it evocative, energizing, loud or soft?
  • What words are used?
  • How is the sound of the voice; its tone and quality?
  • Is there a lot of movement in the ad or is it slow-moving and still?

By answering these questions, you will know more about what  motivates you.


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