Best Way to Use Stress

Best Way to Use Stress

When clients come to me for anxiety and stress relief, the first question I ask is whether they tense to the stressor or feel energy from it.


Here are a few ways to use stress:

  1. When you feel stress as you approach an on-ramp to an 8 lane highway, realize the stress is helping you increase your alertness to the many things to watch for during fast highway driving.
  2. When you have a deadline to complete an important project, realize the stress you feel is providing the energy and focus to do what you chose to do.
  3. When you’re trying to make an important decision, stress as adrenalin can give you total focus toward action.
  4. It’s helpful to remember that there is a thin line between excitement and stress.
  5. Some stress is needed for peak performance.
  6. It’s a fact that many high-performance athletes are motivated by a specific amount of stress. Each one finding the right balance so that they can be focused and at the same time remain open to the ability to change strategies if necessary.

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