Best Self-Hypnosis, A 5 Part Series

Best Self-Hypnosis A 5 Part Series
Part 5: Self-hypnosis for Improving Your Self-Image

You want to improve your self image. Why? How? When?

Answer these 3 questions and you’ll begin to create a simple statement that you can use in your self-hypnosis.

You know how to use the breathing and liquid relaxation inductions.

Let’s say your answers are:

  • Why? : To feel better about myself whether alone or with others.
  • How? : I need to see myself from another perspective and improve my eating habits.
  • When?: I’m ready to begin my self-hypnosis right now.

Good. You’re ready to create a simple, concise statement that will be
easy for your unconscious mind to absorb and help you to achieve your goal.

Your statement might be:
I stop eating when I’m full whenever I eat and I feel good about my self image when I wear clothes that fit me.

Next you need to have an image of yourself as you would like to be.

Imagine looking in a floor length mirror and seeing yourself just as you’d like to be.

Hold onto that image and use it when you make the statement for your self-hypnosis.

  • Induction
  • Statement
  • Visualization
  • Awaken


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