Best Self-Hypnosis, A 5 Part Series

Best Self-Hypnosis A 5 Part Series
Part 1: Self Hypnosis for Motivation: Identify your Intention

The first step is to think of exactly what you mean by motivation.
Distill your meaning to a single phrase representing the thought or desire. Being vague will give you poor results.

Answer the question: What do I want to change about my motivation?
You might say: I want to increase my motivation.
Ask: Toward what end?
Answer: I want to increase my motivation to exercise every morning when I wake up.

Good. This is very specific, and with repetition your unconscious mind will take you seriously as you use your self-hypnosis.

Every time you use self-hypnosis, distill the suggestion or behavior you want to change by asking yourself:

  • What do I want to change?
  • Toward what end?
  • When, where, how?
  • When you have a simple idea, you’re ready.

In this example, you want to be motivated to exercise every morning when you wake up.

Take one more step and visualize your intention by making a mental picture of you, the morning and the location where you’ll place the paraphernalia you’ll need to exercise.

For example: If you want to jog, picture your shoes, socks, shirt, pants or shorts (be specific) and where they’ll be when you awaken. Best is if you can see them on a chair or on the floor in your bedroom when you first wake up.


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