Best Motivation:Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

Best Motivation is Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

When I see clients in my office, I often try to help them clear limiting beliefs and find their inner resources by asking them about their values.Hearing yourself say what you value will help you define your big picture. And this will be motivating.

  • You wouldn’t hear me say “What are your values”?
  • Instead, I’d want you to sit back and enjoy some wordplay.
  • I might ask you: ‘what, right now, is important to you’?
  • Next I’ll ask ‘why’ and then I would suggest that you might have other words that could better describe what’s important to you, right now.

For Example:

                             You say, ‘my family’ is most important.

  • A natural question about ‘my family’ and its importance could be: ‘What is it about your family that is important’ ?
  • You’d say: ‘Taking care of them’.
  • I’d ask:’ What is it about taking care of them that’s important ‘?
  • You’d answer: ‘It’s my responsibility’.
  • I’d dig a little deeper and ask: ‘What’s another word for responsibility’?
  • You might say:’ love’?

                          And then we might stop there and go backwards:

  • If you have ‘love’, do you have family as impor?
  • If you have taking care of them, do you have a family?
  • If you have responsibility, do you have a family?
  • And you’d see that by going deeper, you’ve clarified and validated for yourself, the importance you truly place on your family.

                                    This is fun to do.

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