Best 5 Goals for the New Year: Goal # 5 Confidence


Best 5 Goals for the New Year: Goal # 5 : Confidence

Best Way to Feel Confident: Looking Back

Visualize a straight line in front of you. The center of this line is your present (now), the far left is the past and the far right is your future.

Now imagine you are somewhere on this line to the right of now. You are imagining being in your future.I assume you will have relaxed and made yourself comfortable to practice this.

  1. Breathe in relaxation, breathe out all tension.
  2. There you are on this lifeline, in the future.
  3. Visualize looking back to now and see the confident you.

The confident you will have learned to:

  1. Utilize past, confident memories.
  2. Choose a color to represent confidence.
  3. Write down the qualities and values of confidence.

How do you feel about yourself as you look back?   Great?

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