Best 5 Goals for the New Year: Goal #2


Obsessive Behavior

Hypnotherapy Portland, Oregon: Best 5 Goals for the New Year: Goal #2: Control Your Obsessive behavior

Trance Work for Obsessive Behavior

Since the mid-1990’s we’ve known that OCD is a biochemical imbalance in the brain. Trance work, guided by a certified hypnotherapist can help you learn and implement techniques that will give you control over the disorder.

The best self-help, in a book called Brain Lock, written by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, is a 4 step treatment method to be implemented slowly and thoroughly. A basic premise of the self-help is that actual change in the chemistry of the brain can occur.

By learning self-hypnosis and by changing your mind to change your brain, the use of trance gives you even more control.

The control gained by trance work will help keep you focused on the steps and be able to stick to the method. It’s exciting work.

Learning to apply yourself toward fighting off the various urges and managing your mind by redirection brings success.

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