Hypnotherapy, Life Coach and NLP: Anxiety: It’s Okay to Feel a Little


Hypnotherapy, Life Coach and NLP : Anxiety: It’s Okay to Feel a Little

In my practice, I help people with at least 3 different kinds of anxiety: General, Performance and Testing. There are more types of anxiety, but my coaching work deals primarily with these issues.

In order to manage the stress in your life, you will need to change your thought patterns. We’re thinking too far into the future if we’re feeling anxious says, John Overdurf. This suggestion can pull us back to the present moment. If we stay ‘in the moment’, we can stop the feeling of anxiety.
We can also re-name our sensation from anxiety to ‘stress’, and contemplate the
idea that a little ‘stress’ can provide the impetus for trying new things, being
motivated and feeling focused. There is a thin line between this kind of anxiety and excitement.


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