LIfe Coach Portland, Oregon: Anxiety: Expect the Best


Expect the Best

Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Anxiety: Expect the Best

You can make a mistake by believing your mother’s anxiety is your destiny. It’s simply not true. We can be influenced by our environment and learn ‘anxious’ behaviors, but we can also unlearn them.

In the field of epigenetics, scientists explain how genes are not your destiny.
They give an example of wrong thinking about genetics: Believing genes are your destiny is like an architect drawing up a very complex blueprint of a house and by taking this blueprint and placing it on the land of a vacant lot, expecting to return in 2 weeks to find the house built.

Some genetic illnesses are absolute, but anxiety is not one of them.

Simply trying to feel relaxed, using breathing techniques and noticing the good things around you can go a long way toward improving your anxiety.


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