Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Anxiety Control: 6 Steps


Anxiety Control

Life Coach Portland, Oregon : Anxiety Control: 6 Steps


Believe it or not, whether you feel you have a problem with anxiety or a troublesome habit of worrying too much, there are at least 6 steps you can take to feel better:



  1. A negative, un-resourceful pattern of thinking isn’t permanent and the neural pathway associated to this pattern will eventually dissolve as you take control of your behavior (and build a new pathway).
  2. If you rely on the old pathway, you can expect yourself to respond in the same old ways to the stressful things in your life.
  3.  ‘Attention’ has proven to be necessary for change to occur. Whatever you pay attention to influences you to continuously choose and create how your ever-changing mind will work.
  4. You choose who you will be and how you will respond.
  5. What you pay attention to creates change. The smallest step toward paying attention to something more resourceful or pleasurable, will begin to alter the old pathway and create a new neural pathway.
  6. The potential for changing the way you respond to life, your inner thoughts and outside stimulation is enormous.

Training yourself to eliminate general anxiety takes practice, practice and more practice.


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