Life Coach Portland, Oregon: Anxiety and How You Talk to Yourself


How You Talk to Yourself

Life Coach Portland, Oregon:Anxiety and How You Talk to Yourself

It can be helpful to pay attention to the things you tell yourself every day. Negative self-talk can keep you feeling un-resourceful. See if the following list has any meaning for you:


  • You tell yourself that this event, conversation, feeling is the worst thing you’ve ever felt before?
  • You can’t seem to find a middle ground with your internal dialogue, it’s either this or that.
  • You can’t stop predicting the future in an anxious way.
  • You tell yourself that you’re incapable of behaving any other way.
  • You assume others notice your anxiety, even though you have no proof.
  • You take on the notion that when negative things happen around you, it’s all your fault.
  • You know your thoughts are unhealthy and you internalize a feeling that you should be healthier, wiser, richer…

Can you think of more ways in which you talk to yourself unresourcefully? By identifying these things, you gain clarity and can make a decision to change them.


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