The Map is Not the Territory

The Map isn't the Territory


The map is not the territory is the same as the metaphor: the menu isn’t the meal.

Just as you can’t eat the menu, the fundamental to NLP presupposition reminds us that what we consider the ‘map’ is just a snapshot of an experience and that we can fall into a habit of using old maps.

John David Hoag says it’s like moving to California from Kansas and trying to use a Kansas road map to navigate California.

Our maps get old. They can keep us stuck in place and seeing from only that perspective.

By understanding that our maps are our own thoughts and feelings we can take a mindful approach to begin breaking our maps into small chunks and with no end in mind, be curious and non judgmental toward making the changes we want.

Using self-hypnosis can be very helpful toward making changes.

You are continuously referencing your past experiences down to just before you began reading this post.

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