Naming Things Can Cause Trouble

Naming Things


Clients come to me to help them eliminate behavior and habits that they feel are keeping them from accomplishing their goals.

It’s useful to take a look at how you talk to yourself and become aware of how and what you name those things that you find troublesome:

Try this:

  1. Breathe in to the count of 8, hold for 8 and exhale to a 16 count.
  2. Repeat 3 times.
  3. You should be feeling more relaxed.
  4. Choose one phrase or word you use that isn’t resourceful. This could be scolding yourself whenever you drop something and saying , maybe muttering to yourself, ‘so clumsy’.
  5. Using this as an example, imagine all the times you were in situations where you weren’t dropping things.
  6. Recalling these situations refreshes the mind.
  7. You can stop calling yourself ‘clumsy’ by noticing something about picking up the dropped item that was not clumsy.
  8. You could call that flexible. ( I’m so flexible when I pick up things).
  9. Naming behavior in a negative way isn’t helpful.

By using relaxation and self-hypnosis, you can begin to rid yourself of limiting behavior.

Sometimes when you expect to be ‘clumsy’ you can’t understand any other way to see yourself.


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