Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Self-Help for Paying Attention

Learning Attention

Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Self-Help for Paying Attention

You can help yourself with so many of the issues that may seem too difficult to solve on your own. I like to empower my clients to become self-sufficient. Learning to pay attention is like learning anything else. You learned how to say please and thank you and to be considerate.

Try this:

  1. Relax by using the breathing exercise.
  2. Gently guide your thoughts to remembering and feeling gratitude for those people (and things) who let you know they care about you.
  3. Acknowledge that you know you are important to others whether it’s a special someone, partner or a group.
  4. Be calm and patient with these thoughts so that you get the feelings within them.
  5. You’re increasing your ability to pay attention by reviewing this aspect of your life.

Using self-hypnosis along with mindfulness increases this exercise.

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